(KUALA LUMPUR) The Association of Graduates from Universities and Colleges of China, Malaysia is pleased to host an online seminar on further studying in China on 20th June 2020 (Saturday) from 2pm-3pm on Zoom. 

The seminar will be conducted in English, which is also the first English-based informative seminar organized by the association to provide information to all Malaysians. Previously, the association had been invited to speak at various high schools and public events. 

According to President Bock Chek Lim, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic did not dampen the spirits of interested students to study abroad.

He adds that the official statement from China’s Ministry of Education from 2019 showed that a total of 9,500 Malaysians students are currently studying in China. The numbers have also seen a continuous rise, especially in the past few years. 

Although the world is currently adapting to a “new normal”, the association has still received enquiries from parents and students alike who wish to pursue their higher education in China universities for the following semester. 

Bock adds that there are also students of non-Chinese ethnicity who chose China as their destination of study. Although new to the Chinese language, they wished to learn Chinese culture and receive quality education. Other than that, the well-established relationship between Malaysia and China also provides exposure and opportunities for future careers and personal growth.  

Admission is free and all are welcomed. To register, please fill in the google form at


For more enquiries, kindly email us at [email protected] or contact 03-91711196/014-6087227 or visit our website at http://www.liuhua.org.my/home/