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北京城建集团马来西亚公司 BUCG (M) Sdn Bhd Introduction of Beijing Urban Construction Group (BUCG)

Beijing Urban Construction Group (BUCG) is a large international comprehensive construction group, mainly doing General Contracting, Real Estate Development and Design & Consultancy businesses. BUCG owns China’s Special Class Certificates for Construction General Contracting of both Housing Projects and Road Projects, and First Class Certificates for Professional General Contracting of Public Work, Mechanical & Electrical Installation, Base and Foundation, Steel Structure, Road Surface, City Rail Transit etc. BUCG’s General Contracting and Design business which covers the fields of Industrial and Civil Buildings, Municipal Works, Metro, Expressway, Gardening and Greening, Deep Foundation, Long-distance Pipeline Works, has not only expanded to allover China but also expanded to Southeast Asia, Middle East and African Countries. BUCG’s Real Estate Development business has formed unique competiveness and advantage by integrating both design and construction, developed from Beijing local into National famous. Besides, BUCG has also made remarkable progress in the fields of Industrial Production, Property Management, Hotel Operation and Foreign Trade etc. BUCG is recognized both nationally and internationally as Top 225 International Contractors, China Top 500 Enterprises, China Most Influential Enterprise, China National Outstanding Construction Enterprise.

BUCG currently own a total asset of 63 billion RMB and an annual turnover of 65 billion Yuan, employing 26,500 staffs. BUCG’s total constructed area is more than 30 million m2, and solely developed real estate area is above 3 million m2. BUCG is managing over 120 subsidiary companies and 42 branch offices, including 1 public listed company, 27 exclusively-invested companies & holding companies. BUCG and its 40 subsidiaries have past the certification of ISO9000, ISO1401010 and OHS18000.

BUCG have constructed many national and provincial key projects, such as the National Stadium, the National Theater for the Performing Arts, the National Museum, the National Indoor Stadium, the Olympic Basketball Stadium, the Olympic Village, Terminal 3 of Beijing Capital International Airport, Yintai Center etc, and also big metro and expressway projects for many cities both domestic and overseas, winning China’s highest Luban Prize of Construction Industry, China Quality Engineering Prize and China’s Highest Technology and Innovation Zhantianyou Prize for 71 times.

BUCG is the unique construction enterprise honored and recognized by the Chinese Central Committee and the State Council for its outstanding contribution of building Olympic projects for the Olympic Games. The successful building of the Bird Nest was commented and praised by Chinese President Mr. HuJintao as writing a brilliant page in China’s construction history. What’s more, BUCG has also been titled as “National Advanced Ideological and Political Enterprise” and “Cultural Advanced Construction Enterprise”. BUCG hopes cooperate sincerely with you to build a better homeland.

积聚30 多年经济增长,技术创新,制度变革的发展能量,北京城建集团树立了城建工程,城建地产,城建设计,城建园林,城建置业,城建资本六大支柱品牌,构建起上下游联动,核心竞争力突出,高效协同的完整建筑产业链条。

北京城建集团现有总资产人民币1100 亿元,自有员工24500 人。2015 年营销人民币1016 亿元,开复工面积4000 万平方米以上,自营房地产开发面积500 万平方米以上,主要经济技术指标在北京市属建筑企业中均排名第一。集团现有120 余家法人企业,42 家分公司,包括境内 A 股) 上市公司1 间,境外 H股)上市公司一间,全资与控股子公司29 家。集团公司及所属40 家企业通过了ISO9001, ISO14001, OHS18001认证。


Environmental Officer


·        Ensure distribution, changes of all drawings are controlled.

·        Ensure all testing/measuring/test equipment are calibrated and control.

·        Assist to implement and maintain the Company’s Environmental Management System to ensure that is in compliance with relevant statutory requirements at all times, including the International Standards, Local Regulations, Code practice and Legal Requirements.

·        Assist to ensure the effective implementation of construction planning activity from pre-contract to construction is in conformance on ISO 14001 Standards.

·        Continuously promote awareness of client requirement as well as Environmental practices throughout the Company and ensure that is observed and adhere by the Company and relevant parties at all times.

·        Provide sound advice and guidance to the projects team to support the effective operations of the Environmental Management System.

·        Assist to continuously improve the Environmental Management System by coordinating and or conducting regular internal audits, awareness briefings, trainings and inductions program me.

·        Assist the person in charge to comply with the project’s Environmental Management Plan

·        Conduct regular inspection, accident / incident investigations, hazards identifications, risk assessment, risk control measures and follow-up on the Job Safety Analysis.

·        Prepare and submit accurate reports on Environmental related to Person in Charge and Head of Department on timely basis.

·        Liaise with relevant authorities to ensure that any Environmental matter is attended to resolve promptly and prudently.

·        Responsible for the up keep of documentation of the relevant Environmental documents and data.





·      Managing costs on a wide variety of new building projects and structures.

·      Undertaking costs analysis for repair and maintenance project work;

·      Assisting in establishing a client’s requirements and undertaking feasibility studies;

·      Performing risk and value management and cost control;

·      Advising on procurement strategy;

·      Identifying, analyzing and developing responses to commercial risks;

·      Preparing and analyzing costings for tenders;

·      Providing advice on contractual claims;

·        Degree / Diploma /Certificate in Quantity Surveyor / Engineering/ Equivalent / Relative Work Experience

·        Minimum 1 year working experience

·        Strong negotiation and people skills

·        Construction experience

·        Assists the QS to prepare tender and contracts documents including bills of quantities.

·        Assists the QS to identify, analyze and develop responses to commercial risks.

·        Assists the QS to prepare and analyze costing for tenders.

·        Assists the QS to identify and prepare variations.

·        Assist the QS to verify sub-contract variation and payment certificates.

·        Assists the QS to prepare and monitor budgets, measurement or work drawings, material requirement, prepare & evaluate sub-contractor's claims

·        Assists the QS to track cost effectiveness of products project or services, tracking actual costs relative to bids as the project develops.

·        Assists the QS to prepare progress claims, variations, final account, post contractual works & sub-con's payments.

·        Minimum Diploma in Quantity Surveying, Building or Civil Engineering.

·        Minimum 3 years’ experience in a similar capacity preferably in construction industry.

·        Conversant with the current practice of Tendering in Malaysia

·        Good written and verbal communication in the English Language and Bahasa Malaysia

·        Computer literate with excellent knowledge in the use of quantity surveying software’s.

·        Possesses good interpersonal and communication skill



Safety, Health & Environment Manager


·        Responsible for implementing the requirements of Safety Management Plan.

·        Ensures the sub-contractors comply to the requirements of the Safety Management Plan which outline their responsibilities and commitments.

·        Liaises with DOSH, Police and other relevant government agencies with regards to health, safety and security matters affecting workers.

·        Carries out inspection of Workshop, Camps, Fire extinguishers, Vehicles, lifting equipment, etc. to ensure safety requirements are met.

·        Investigates all accidents/incidents/near misses. Circulates corrective action measures in the form of Safety Flash/Safety Alert/Notices, etc.

·        Issues safety defaults to vehicles and equipment and also issue violation reports to the Management for violating employees.

·        Conducts Evacuation Fire Drills and Emergency Procedures as scheduled in HSE Plan.

·        Submits HSE monthly returns/report to the Customer and Management.

·        Ensures all waste are segregated and disposed according to the norms of the Customer with proper documentation.

·        Conducts periodic audits and send report to the Customer and Management.

·        Conducts safety training programmers.

·        Conducts tool box meeting.

·        Carries out routine evaluations of the workplace to identify non-conformance with the operational safety regulations, departmental safety rules or working practice.


Safety Supervisor

·        Assists the Safety Officer (SO) to coordinate safety activities when work is in progress.

·        Maintains record, prepares report and composes correspondence relative to the work.

·        Reviews accidents, injury and illness reports to detect problem areas related to employee safety.

·        Assists the SO to evaluate working conditions and suggests improvements in health and safety methods, practices and procedures.

·        Gathers evidence and prepares reports on code violation complaints and occupational accidents and fatalities.

·        Documents violations through notes, sketches, measurements and photographs.

·        In addition to the above-mentioned duties and job functions, the Management may assign other functions to be performed which are in keeping with the qualifications and experience of the staff.



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